Solid surface sheet

Solid Surface Sheet

In the twelfth year of independent research and development, we reset all the design sense to zero and redefine the solid surface. We've added more mystery and darkness color element, enrich the color scheme.

 Is one of the most versatile and respected solid surface material
Extremely easy to clean and nonporous (stains cannot penetrate material surface).Fabricated using standard woodworking tools.
100% acrylic modified solid surfaces – Synthetic marble for short.
•Surfaces are Eco-friendly and chemically stable.
•Balanced and coloured homogeneously through its entire depth, the surface has high durability and longevity.
• Can be purpose built according to customer specifications.
•Versatile can be joined, shaped and finished to create an endless variety of products. Joints are invisible and the finish appears monolithic.
•Our Surface are ideal choice for residential, commercial, hospitals and laboratory applications owing to the beauty, durability, design flexibility and color combinations.


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