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Product Shell Customization

No matter what kind of products no matter what kind of design, Jestone can make everything into real and even do much more than your imagination.

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Surface Top Customization

Kitchen countertop is the earliest application of artificial stone, but also the most extensive field. Maybe it is not difficult to make, but we always believe that if we do every simple thing well, we can make Jestone shine, make Chinese manufacture shine.


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Furniture Customization

Jestone not only can enriches the shape of the furniture with its unique plasticity, coupled with its various colors, make the traditional furniture can also attract people's attention.


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Bathroom Design And Processing

Whether it's an exquisite home renovation or a spa or hotel project, Jestone has a lot of experience in this area and can implement a variety of bathroom solutions.


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Interior Design And Processing

For on-site construction of Jestone, such as artificial stone pillars, artificial stone walls, artificial stone ceilings and other engineering projects, we also have rich experience in installation and processing.


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Healthcare System Solutions

Jestone has always been committed to creating more energy-efficient and more sustainable buildings. We can not only be used in general places such as shopping malls, offices, homes, etc., but also have outstanding performance in the field of higher standard medical facilities.


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Decorative Lighting Scheme

Jestone's translucent artificial stone series allows you to boldly experiment with stunning light effects designs, with a variety of colors to choose from, and present charming effects under different light illumination.


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