What are advantages regarding solid surface pricing?
Shenzhen Fotune Decoration Materials Co., Limited. always provides competitive prices to create value for the customer base. We place a cost not only from an industry competition perspective but also out of product development and cost of manufacturing perspective. We provide the best value for customers together with solid surface.
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As we continue to design and manufacture marble tiles, Jestone has become a national market leader. Jestone produces a number of different product series, including solid surface. The materials selection of Jestone solid surface countertops is strictly conducted. Factors such as the content of formaldehyde&lead, the damage of chemical sustenances, and quality performance must be considered. The product, with high practical values, also embraces high artistic connotation and aesthetic function which satisfy people's mental pursuit.
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We are committed to conducting our business in a way that minimizes adverse impact on the environment. We limit the environmental impact of our day-to-day operations by improving energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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